Mutual Aid Response Group (MARG)

 Mutual Aid Response Group


  1. Objective

To work for faster and effective mutual help to each other in the emergency situation in a locality.


  1. Sharing a Information

Each member will share following information with the group.

  1. Name and Cell Number of persons to be contacted in emergency during the day time.
  2. Name and Cell Number of persons to be contacted in emergency during the odd time.
  3. Firefighting Equipment.
Sr. No. Equipment Information
1 Fire Tenders ___ (Numbers)
2 Fire Hydrant Systems ___ (Numbers)
3 Capacity of Water Storage ___ (Litter)
4 Number of Trained Fire Fighters ___ (Numbers)
5 Number of Trained Fire Striders ___ (Numbers)
6 Any Inflammable Material ___ (Numbers)
7 Any Highly Inflammable Material ___ (Numbers)
8 Number of Fire Extinguishers ___ (Numbers)
  1. A Type
  2. B Type
  3. C Type
  1. Display of information

Each member will display following information in the Security Office and in the Office of Factory Manager:

  1. Fire Brigade Silvassa.
  2. Fire Brigade Alok Industry Ltd.
  3. Fire Brigade Reliance Industry Ltd.
  4. Police Control Room.
  5. Police Station Silvassa.
  6. Police Station Khanvel.
  7. Nearest Police out Post.
  8. Civil Hospital Silvassa.
  9. Nearest Primary Health Center.
  10. Nearest Qualified Doctors.
  11. Contact persons in each establishment of group.


  1. Meetings

The group shall meet every quarter. If there is a need, it will revise and update the information. Recent past incidents will be reviewed in the meeting and plan of action for future preparedness will be discussed.



Signature of Members

(___________)                     (______________)   (_______________) (__________)


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